About ArtcyLucy

Who is this little girl?

 She is none other than….little me!

Lucy has been my nickname since I was a little girl. When I create art, I feel like her once again, using my imagination, my crayons, my scissors, paints, paper and glue…to make ART. Just like I used to. That’s why I have named my little online art blog and shop, ArtcyLucy Studio.

One of my favorite quotes is from Pablo Picasso, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” I LOVED creating art as a child…I drew everything! I loved the freedom of it…do you remember what that was like? How freeing it was? You didn’t care if you colored outside the lines…you just played, had fun…and you were SO proud of your work of art! I wish I could say that I kept art in my life from my childhood on…but honestly, I didn’t. Life and responsibility takes over, and art becomes…unimportant. Well, I could kick myself now, for not keeping art in my life, during my adolescent and adult years.

It took about three decades for me to finally find my way back to art making. In September of 2005, I saw a gigantic canvas, with a mix of all kinds of found objects in it…Mixed Media Art…and it was SO cool! I had to come home and immediately Google “Mixed Media Art” and found a whole community of artists making really cool art! I was bitten by the art bug once again, and I haven’t looked back since!


Me, at a wonderful painting workshop, January 2019

 I am a traveler, photographer, and poet, who loves collage, painting, assemblage, drawing, sketching…just about anything having to do with photographs, paint, paper, glue, and words…a mixing of mediums! Lately, I’ve been addicted to painting with acrylic and gouache paint. I love to tell a story with my art, and I love to share my enthusiasm for creating art with others. And though I’m a world traveler at heart, most of the time I live, work, and play right here in Northern California. I am proud to say that my artwork has been collected by art lovers around the world, and I’ve also been published in Somerset Studio magazine, and Somerset Gallery magazine.

It’s been a wild, and wonderful, ride!

Most of my artwork is available for purchase. If you see a piece here on this blog that you like, it may be in my online shop www.ArtcyLucy.Etsy.com  If you see a piece of art that catches your eye, and it’s not listed in my shop…then please email me, and ask! ArtcyLucy@aol.com

Thanks for visiting my art space!  I hope that my enthusiasm for making art, may spark a bit of childlike creativity in you too!!!