ArtcyLucyShop sale extended!

Hello friends! Just wanted to jump in for a minute to say HI, and to express my thanks for those who have supported and shared my first sale of the year in my little online art shop! It has been fantastic, and because it has been so fun, I have extended the Joy of Art sale in my ArtcyLucyShop thru

Sunday, September 12th.

It has been SO fun to send off these beauties to their new homes! 

Paintings above have been SOLD.

Processed with MOLDIV


There are plenty of paintings to choose from (see images below, for a sample of what is available to ship), and shipping to U.S. addresses is included! These prices will be the lowest this year. So, if you see one you love, for yourself, or for a friend, this would be the time to scoop it up.

Sharing the gift of original art is special!

If you live outside of the U.S. and you see a piece of art you love, you can always email me at and let me know what piece or pieces you are interested in, and I can calculate shipping costs for you, depending on your address.

Thank you again, for your support! Have a beautiful weekend!











JustOneLook – Version 2




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