New Stitched Pieces and Jewelry

Processed with MOLDIV

I am so happy to be sharing my new Etsy shop update with you! It starts tomorrow, February 14th, at 12pm PST. I am so proud of these new art pieces. This is part of my “Collecting Stitches” project.

I have never had stitched art pieces in my shop before! This is a project I started in the summer of 2019, and I just fell in love with the calm and peaceful handwork of stitching these little “tapestries”. Once they were complete, I started sewing them onto a variety of bags, from small 6 x 9 inch zipper cloth pouches (perfect for a few art supplies!), to larger drawstring pouches, and even larger canvas bags. Eleven bags will be available for purchase tomorrow. I hope you will join me online at ArtcyLucy on Etsy tomorrow.






Along with stitched pieces, you will also find some lovely little art necklaces, made from prints of my drawings and sold paintings. I haven’t had art necklaces in the shop for two years, so I am happy to be offering them again.

Processed with MOLDIV






There’s also a nice collection of paintings and drawings in the shop too, so I hope you will find something you love!

In the meantime, I am back in front of the easel painting portraits, something I haven’t done for almost 6 weeks, and I have missed it! I hope to share those soon.

I hope you are enjoying your day!

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