Girl with a Sunflower


Girl with a Sunflower – 14 x 18 inch acrylic on stretched canvas

One of my last paintings of 2017 is one of my favorite paintings I’ve ever done. Not quite the style and color combination I am usually known for, this has more of a Dutch Masters feel to it. And there’s a reason for that. I have seen the floral beauty that has been creating for a while and when I saw a photo of the beautiful model, Sam Coupillie, with this pose, I knew I wanted to paint this portrait.

Many thanks to Emily and Suzanne of Fleuropean, Kreetta Järvenpää, Anna Doshina, and Sam Coupillie, for your permission to use a remarkable photograph. I hope I did it justice!


 This artwork is now available on DailyPaintworks 

4 thoughts on “Girl with a Sunflower

  1. I love her soulful face Roberta. I am trying to learn to paint like this. I am currently taking Paint Your Heart & Soul 2018 with Olga Furman and Life Book 2018.I have also taken In Love with Soulful Art with Annie Hamman.& watercolour course with Katrina Knoltes .Hopefully someday I will be as good as all. of these artists.

    • Thank you so much, Dianne! When I saw the girl in the photo, I knew I wanted to paint her. I think a whole year of “Let’s Face It” classes, helped me to get to the point where I could do a portrait like that. I also love Annie Hamman’s classes too, she is a wonderful teacher! I have not taken Paint Your Heart and Soul, or Life Book, so I would love to hear about your experiences in those classes.

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