Portrait of Rafaella

July has been an awesome month of painting! From online classes to live workshops, I’ve really enjoyed learning new things and getting more confidence with portraits.


Portrait of Rafaella – 8 x 10 inch acrylic on Raymar art panel

It’s all about changing the angles lately…and I have to say this angle might be the most challenging of them yet! But I do love how she turned out, with her adorable green eyed gaze, as well as the loose and colorful brush strokes.

I am learning so much this year, and loving every minute of it! I see the product of my practice, thousands of portraits, drawn and painted over the last nine years.

People sometimes use the word “talent” when they see art they appreciate, but I think sometimes it really takes curiosity, time, and patience, to really see results in your hard work. Art is a skill like any other, and if you love it, and stick to it, it can bring you so much joy.


Portrait of Rafaella is now varnished and ready to go.

She is available now through Daily Paintworks and Paypal,

if you follow this link. 


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