Six More Art Necklaces

I am back again, with another batch of art necklaces…

I just can’t help myself…these little art pendants are so much fun to make! And I really love seeing these paintings used for wearable art. Clicking on each image below, will take you directly to my art shop, and to the Etsy listing, with more photos and description of the necklaces.


Mia – the original painting is still available in my art shop SOLD, thank you!


Vincent in Color – from a photo of one of my Vincent paintings, in progress.   SOLD, thank you!


Portrait of Becca – one of my scribble art sketches    SOLD, thank you!


Vincent in a Straw Hat – because you can never have too many paintings of Vincent van Gogh, can you???


Portrait of Anna Marguerite – I am trying out new square glass, instead of the domed glass, for some of my newest pendants.


Portrait of Devon – one of my favorite ladies in a fancy hat!  SOLD, thank you!

I will be listing a few more in the next few days…

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