For the love of drawing

I have been inspired by so many artists lately, from masters of the past, to contemporary teachers, who skillfully use ink and graphite to create wonderful drawings! In January, I was able to see an exhibit of drawings of the German artists from the 16th century, like Albrecht Durer, who used simple line to say so much! I was fired up, to draw more and more…and not just because I know that drawing can help my painting…but I am learning to draw for the sheer love of drawing.  

An artist named Julie Johnson, has really amped up my love for scribbling…adding a whole new dimension to my drawings. I find it to be a little…addicting. 


My easel is missing me though, and I WILL be back to painting soon. In the meantime, I have decided to offer a 10% coupon code throughout the whole month of March in my ArtcyLucy Studio shop on Etsy. Coupon code is MAR2016. It can be used on anything you see in the shop. Hopefully soon, you will see some prints of these drawings in my shop too.

I’ll be back soon to share new paintings…once I put the pen down.






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