More April Portraits

I am happy to have three more portraits completed just before this month ends! It’s been a trying month…a slip and fall about three weeks ago, messed up my right elbow (my painting arm!) and affected my shoulder and neck. So, there has been very little painting this month. I’ve tried to keep myself busy with pencil drawings…and while I need the drawing practice, I did miss painting very much! I am happy to say I am on the mend, and slowly going back to a normal painting schedule.

All three of these newest paintings were done on 5 x 7 inch cradled wooden panels, with acrylic paint. Each have a wax varnish on them, and since the sides are painted, they can be hung as is, without the need for a frame. I DID enjoy painting on these wood panels…a totally different feel than the Ampersand Gessobord that I usually use.




Danielle (SOLD, thank you!)


Estella (SOLD, thank you!)


Imogen is still available in my online art shop on Etsy.

ArtcyLucy Studio shop


All of my artwork can be seen on my Daily Paintworks Gallery.


I hope you had a wonderful month of April, and I hope to see you here in May!





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