Reina – 8 x 10 inch acrylic painting on textured and cradled art panel

One of the assignments for the online class I am taking, was to take inspiration from the art of Vincent van Gogh, and use it with our own style of painting. Well, I can’t deny that I love van Gogh’s use of bold color, and I also love his use of dramatic line and brush strokes too. While this portrait is not as loose in style as I would have liked, it is a combination of what I learned from studying his art, and painting my kind of fashion portraits. I used a vintage fashion illustration as my reference for this painting, and since it was originally in black and white, it was fun to punch it up and make it come alive with COLOR. I had fun placing her a bit off center for this painting…there is something I love about that mixture of yellow ocher to the right of her. I named her “Reina” once it was finished, because she looked quite regal…and Reina means...Queen.

“Reina” is now available in my Etsy shop. This painting can be hung without a frame, as there are 3/4 inch side panels on this piece, that are painted to match the portrait.





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