30 Paintings in 30 Days

It is the last hours of September 2014…soon to be a new month!

Let me introduce…

the last painting of my 30 in 30 days challenge

BaskingInTheSunBasking in the Sun – 5 x 7 inch acrylic on cradled wooden panel  (SOLD, thank you!)

September was an extremely busy, but extremely awesome month of painting!

Here is what 30 completed paintings looks like…

All30PaintingsClick on image for a larger view

There is a mix of everything here…from portraits, to waterlilies, to still life bouquets, Swedish landscapes, a very odd self portrait challenge, sunflowers, vintage flowers inspired by Eduoard Vuillard, an assortment of ROCKS!, and yes, even dainty little hummingbirds!

 I learned so many things…1) time management is important 2) don’t dawdle over what to paint 3) trying new things is always good for me 4) it’s ok that there are four unfinished (and as yet, unsuccessful) paintings in my art room. Does it make sense to say, that I learned to be tough on myself, and yet patient with myself at the same time???  

Thirty paintings…not too shabby for a month’s work…and that isn’t counting paintings I’ve started, drawings I made, gouache tags and postcards painted, an attempt at gelli plate printing, and mixed media mail art that I’ve worked on as well. It’s been educational and productive…and most of all, FUN!  I sent Leslie Saeta a big THANK YOU, for organizing this event. This is the fourth one I’ve participated in, over the last two years. I feel like it always artistically stretches me somehow…to grow in new ways, to give myself confidence to keep going. And I always discover “new” artists, that have also done the 30 day painting challenge, and seeing their work and dedication to art, inspires me too… Karin, Martine, Kathy and Marion

What does October bring??? More painting, of course! Today is the very first day of Studying Under the Masters Part 2, with Jeanne Oliver. Our first master artist? Vincent van Gogh! A new month, also brings a new Virtual Paintout location to paint…and Daily Paintworks will have some great painting challenges too…so, another busy, and fun month to come!  

Thank you so much for visiting my art blog, and for your kind comments during this 30 day challenge!


To see paintings from the last three 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenges, click on each below

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  1. Your collage looks fabulous! Love how you did the black background. And I especially love how all the paintings emphasize the “YOU” in your paintings…your style is so wonderfully unique. Thanks for linking me in your post, and I might just try the next Virtual Paintout, once again… 🙂 I’m glad we connected during this challenge!

  2. Kathy, Martine, Karin, and Emily…you guys are awesome! Thanks for your very sweet comments! I’ve been following all of you art too…and congratulations to you as well! WE DID IT!

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