Summer Flowers Series

“For my part I have never avoided the influence of others.” ~ Henri Matisse

* * *

It all started with six 5 x 7 inch substrates…some previously painted canvas panels, and some brand new Ampersand gessobord panels. I taped each of them up to my easel board, and went to work…


A fine start, to a very fun painting session. This way of working, is good for the brain…painting in multiples requires you to put down paint quickly, and not overthink the process too much. And all this color, just makes me happy!


Summer Flowers #1 (SOLD, thank you!)


Summer Flowers #2


Summer Flowers #3


Summer Flowers #4


Summer Flowers #5 (SOLD, thank you!)


Summer Flowers #6


Summer Flowers Series, 5 x 7 inch acrylic paintings, inspired by the art of Henri Matisse. 

What a lovely way to spend the day!

* * *

FOUR of these are still available in my online shop.




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