Botticelli and his models


Our master artist that we are “apprenticing” under, for my online Studying Under the Masters class…is Sandro Botticelli. I remember standing in front of both paintings, The Birth of Venus, and Primavera, at the Uffizi Gallery, in Florence…just in jaw-dropping awe of the beauty and scale of these pieces. It was a tough decision to try my hand at his art, because there is no way I can get anywhere close to his painted perfection. But it was a good lesson for me…in persistence and patience!  


Ode to Venus – 11 x 14 inch acrylic painting on smooth Bristol paper    


Another Botticelli piece combined with my own style. I used his painting, Pallas and the Centaur, as my inspiration for this one.


A Model for Sandro – 11 x 14 inch acrylic on smooth Bristol paper  





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