Contentment – 5 x 7 inch gouache painting on Ampersand Aquabord  

I am enjoying the use of gouache again. This is a medium that many people don’t know about, or even know how to pronounce (say “gwash”). I find myself explaining what it is…an opaque watercolor, that has rich and wonderful pigments to it. There are a few brands that I have tried, but I am really loving the da Vinci and Holbein brands at the moment. One of the things about gouache that I love, besides the rich colors, is the fact that it is VERY fast drying. But you can also layer it, as well as move it around a little with water, even after it dries. If you haven’t used gouache yet, I encourage you to do so. It is a fun medium to use. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring waterlilies, with gouache.

This painting is spoken for, but the rest of my water lily paintings can be found in my Etsy shop.

Every day I discover 
more and more 
beautiful things. 
It’s enough to drive one mad. 
I have such a desire 
to do everything, 
my head is bursting with it.

–Claude Monet




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