New art available

For the first time ever…I am making my original mixed media pieces available for purchase. I’ve been holding on to many of these, because I love them so much. But it’s time that I set them free, so someone else can enjoy them. Here is a few of the items that I just listed in my online art shop

Louisa – a mixed media painting, 11 x 14 inches…yes, Louisa is in her drawing room, her mother looking on in a portrait. I love creating little stories with collage and paint!

Amelia – mixed media painting, 9 x 12 inches…a mixture of fun pieces collaged together, to make a story of this lady traveler.

Paris Of My Dreams – mixed media on paper, 9 x 12 inches. Another fun piece that tells of story of a girl and her dream…Paris! 

There are a few more pieces listed as well…including some newer paintings. I hope you take a look! Etsy really is a fun place to shop!

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