…this just in…

I am so pleased to share some news with you! One of my art assemblages, “A Thankful, Loving Heart” has been published in an upcoming issue of Somerset Studio Gallery magazine. It will hit national magazine stands on June 1st, but they were kind enough to share an advanced copy with me.

I am thrilled to find a nice large photo, and full page…page 131…with my art piece, as well as printed instructions on how to create something similar. That is why I love Somerset Studio publications…not only do they SHOW you a variety of mixed media art…but they encourage you to try creating something yourself! It helps spark the imagination!

And more exciting news….

I’ve reopened my Etsy shop, for the first time this year! I am only listing my very favorites…my story box assemblages, as well as my vintage book cover collages, for now. I LOVE creating these stories out of vintage items…I love giving new life to old things…that’s how I came up with my little business tagline for my shop and blog…ArtcyLucy…Modernly Vintage Art. 

I hope you have a second or two, to browse my art, as well as all the fun stuff you can find when you explore Etsy!

That’s all the news for now. In the meantime, I am busy creating new art, as well as preparing for teaching summer classes. I hope all is well in your corner of the world too!

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