Miniature Canvas Art

Sometimes, it is fun to work in small format…art that you can hold in your hand, or tuck on the small shelf, or to wrap in a small box for a friend. There is just something too cute…about miniature art.



mixedmediaportraits6I’ve loved drawing faces since I was a kid, but this year especially, I have enjoyed painting mixed media face portraits. And I am very pleased to be able to share this series of 6 mini canvases in my Etsy shop!

These little mixed media collages have a little of everything on their small 3 x 3 inch surface…from pencil, pens, markers, paints, and collage elements. They are all in mauve and rose hues, perfect for Autumn. And they each have their own little word…an endearing quality, attached to them. They would looked perfect on a tiny easel, in a little frame, or hung on the wall, as is.  The sides of the canvas are painted, so there is no need for a frame, unless you wanted one.

Isn’t there room for a little more “Lovely” …”Beautiful”… “Happiness”… in your life?


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