I am addicted to…



There is something so calming, about working with beeswax.  Maybe it’s the organic nature of it, or how you paint it on your collage as a liquid, and in front of your eyes, it cools to a very beautiful solid texture. Then when it is completely cooled down, you can buff it until there is a glossy sheen, and your collaged elements seem to glow beneath it!


There is no other adhesive used in this 4 x 4 chunky collage, only beeswax covering and adhering images, papers, buttons and lace. There are three words, “I Love Thee” delicately displayed below the image of the woman in the collage. The back is finished with collage and beeswax, and there is a small vintage button hiding in the niche.


The whole canvas is then adhered, with beeswax, to a vintage book cover.  This “I Love Thee” beeswax collage is now available on my Etsy shop.

As you can see…I didn’t stop with just one 🙂


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